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Fizruk Season 4

Fizruk Season 4 release date

In the spring of 2016, the TNT channel aired the third season of the series "Fizruk". Fans of the TV show loved the main character of the show, Oleg Fomin (played by Dmitry Nagiyev), so much that they almost immediately demanded a fourth part of the long-standing franchise.

The management of TNT channel has been shooting the comedy television series "Fizruk" since April 2014. Releasing almost one after another, the first forty-something episodes with only a break for summer holidays, they have instilled in the viewers the certainty that the third part will be available to watch in early 2015. But due to the busy schedules of the main actors of the TV series, the shooting itself was postponed for almost a whole year. The final episodes of the third season were only filmed at the end of December 2015. If this trend continues, fans of the gangster-physical education teacher will have to wait for new episodes until October 9, 2017. The information was obtained from the official source - Rutube channel. In addition, a full-length film based on the sitcom plot titled "Fizruk Saves Russia" will be released soon.

As the show's writers promised, the plot of the series will once again take us to Moscow, where Foma could not save Mamayev's money and his relationship with Tatiana Alexandrovna. In the past season of the series, there were 21 episodes, and the finale was shown on May 11.

Fizruk 4 season is coming soon

Oleg Fomin returns to the screens, but not to school, but to the theater of the city of Zheleznogorsk! Foma has found his biological father, who abandoned him many years ago. Now they will have not just a one-on-one meeting, but a whole cooperation for the benefit of saving the cultural institution. Local criminals prevent money from reaching its intended purpose. The building is in such a miserable state that the authorities intend to demolish it. Oleg volunteers to solve this problem - deal with provincial criminals and gather his own gang.

But the preserved intrigue in the final episodes leaves interest in the continuation of the show, which TNT will definitely use to create further twists in the plot, starting from the 1st episode of the 4th season (62 episodes).

New season filming

In social networks on August 18, 2016, the long-awaited plate of the fourth part of "Fizruk" with a mysterious emblem appeared, which means that the filming process has finally begun. The actors will spend at least three months on the set, so it is definitely not worth waiting for the premiere of new episodes earlier than autumn 2017. As photos appear, we will update this article.

Fizruk 4 season plate from the set

What to expect in the new season

Foma has already played the role of a teacher, director, prisoner, and just a good family man. It seems that in the new episodes, the author of the idea, Anton Shchukin, will change Oleg Fomin's life even more than was done in the first three parts of the show. Foma will be looking for his father, but as for the rest of the main cast of the show, they will not be there! This sad news was reported by sources related to the performer of one of the main roles, Polina Grents. The viewers of the show are already outraged by the absence of a storyline with Borzy in the third season, played by Sopel'nik in the first and second parts of the sitcom, and now there will also be no Usach and Psych in the plot. We can only hope that the writers thought through this move and it will bring only positive moments to the show, without spoiling the beloved TNT franchise for the viewers.

The series "Fizruk" on TNT channel is currently one of the most successful projects of the channel. 61 episodes with Dima Nagiev have been released on air, which shattered stereotypes about boring domestic TV series. As information about the filming of the TV series and additional information from the show's creators becomes available, we will promptly update the data on this page. Follow the fate of this sitcom with us!

When will Season 4 of Fizruk be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
04x01 09 October 2017
04x02 10 October 2017
04x03 11 October 2017
04x04 12 October 2017
04x05 16 October 2017
04x06 17 October 2017
04x07 18 October 2017
04x08 19 October 2017
04x09 23 October 2017
04x10 24 October 2017
04x11 25 October 2017
04x12 26 October 2017
04x13 30 October 2017
04x14 31 October 2017
04x15 01 November 2017
04x16 02 November 2017

Trailer of Season 4

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