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Mazhor Season 3

Mazhor Season 3 release date

In the second half of 2016, the First Channel finally aired the second season of the TV series "Mazhor". Will there be a continuation of the most popular Russian crime drama by Konstantin Statsky and Sasha Tsekalo, read in this article.

At the beginning of summer 2017, details of the fate of the series "Mazhor" became known. As viewers may already guess, due to its popularity and high ratings, Channel One will begin filming the third season in August. Studio Sreda announced that the 3rd season of "Mazhor" with Pavel Priluchny in the lead role will air on October 29, 2018. The continuation of the television drama will conclude the storyline and bring closure to Igor Sokolovsky's investigation of the murder of his own parents.

Prior to the premiere of the previous season in November 2016, it was announced that the rights to this project were acquired by the media giant Netflix, which provides online access to movies and series. According to analysts, this will positively impact the speed of production and the quality of the project from Studio Sreda.

About the series

An announcement of the 3rd season of the Mazhor series from Channel One
The script of the TV show "Mazhor" tells the story of Igor Sokolovsky, the son of an oligarch. His life resembles an endless celebration - he spends nights in Moscow clubs, but everything changes after a conflict and a fight with a policeman because of a friend. Naturally, Igor was initially "protected" and he thought he had gotten away with it. But his father tries to teach his son about real life and sends him to work as a detective. In the beginning of the show, the younger Sokolovsky curses the day he got involved with the police, as he was left without money. Over time, in the law enforcement agencies, the guy finds real friends, becomes a man, and investigates his mother's murder. As soon as he finds the clues leading to the criminal, his father is also killed. Igor will have to go all the way to save his family's honor and restore justice.


After the start of the filming process in August 2017, we will try to keep you informed about the events that take place behind the scenes of one of the most popular Russian TV series. Also, as they appear on social networks, we will post photos of the actors during the creation of new episodes here.

The first two seasons of the TV series consisted of 24 episodes, which can rightfully be called a multi-part film. The script by Alexander Shcherbakov, combined with the brilliant performance of Pavel Priluchny, a favorite of Russian TV viewers, instantly bore fruit - the crime drama entered the top 10 most popular queries on the theme of TV series from 2014 to 2016.

The performer of the leading role

Igor Sokolovsky (Pavel Priluchny)Pavel Valerevich Priluchny - the performer of the leading role in the TV series "Mazhor", also known as Igor Sokolovsky. Strangely enough, this famous Russian actor was born in the Kazakh city of Shymkent on November 5, 1987. His talent was forged through difficulties - from an early age, Pavel faced hardships in life: at the age of 13, his father died, after which he and his mother moved to Russia. On the path to fame, Priluchny worked as a loader due to serious financial difficulties, but still graduated from the Novosibirsk State Theatre School in 2005. Now Pavel is one of the most in-demand television artists, participating in numerous TV series, films, and TV shows.

The second season of the project added a new storyline and a star-studded cast. It is quite likely that for the third season, Channel One will spare no expense and release a new volume of "Mazhor" that is no worse than the first two. What awaits us in the upcoming episodes can only be guessed at for now, but that doesn't stop you from following this page on our website, where we will add project news simultaneously with their appearance on the actors' accounts and official sources from the channel. Fans of the show are already predicting a war between Igor and Fisher, who for a long time has been hiding behind Arkadiy Ignatyev.

In the third season, a masterpiece finale awaits us. Igor has lost everything, but this doesn't stop the investigation into a series of murders of people involved with his father's corporation. Meanwhile, Vika is getting ready to become a mother. Sokolovsky becomes her loyal and reliable assistant, until her ex-husband appears at the police station. The final scenes will surprise you with unexpected plot twists and the revelation of secrets that have been present throughout the entire series.

When will Season 3 of Mazhor be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
03x01 29 October 2018
03x02 30 October 2018
03x03 31 October 2018
03x04 01 November 2018
03x05 05 November 2018
03x06 05 November 2018
03x07 06 November 2018
03x08 06 November 2018
03x09 07 November 2018
03x10 07 November 2018
03x11 08 November 2018
03x12 08 November 2018
03x13 12 November 2018
03x14 13 November 2018
03x15 14 November 2018
03x16 15 November 2018

Trailer of Season 3

Video about season 3 of Мажор tv series

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