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Mech Season 3

Mech Season 3 release date

On the NTV channel, at the end of June 2015, the 20th and final episode of the TV series "Mech" was aired.

It is currently uncertain whether a continuation of this crime drama will be filmed, but judging by the unfinished plot line, the screenwriters did not "burn bridges."

When will the third season be released?

To wait for the continuation of this crime series, one should be patient. There was a break in the broadcast of the first and second seasons for almost six long years! Viewers can only hope that NTV, whose management took on the production of 20 episodes of the previous season due to high ratings of the aired episodes, will hurry up and release the continuation of the story of the paratrooper Max Kalinin by the end of 2018. Unfortunately, the filming process has not yet started. The new season will consist of only 15 episodes, and the actions of Ilya Kulikov's script will take the group of avengers outside the Russian Federation. Stay tuned to this page to stay updated on the fate of the project.

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After the Mech group of justice, led by Maxim Kalinin, suffered significant losses in a battle with criminals in Moscow during the first season, the war against lawlessness did not stop. The former UBOP employee patched up the wounds and is assembling a new team of fighters against injustice to the country. The former paratrooper is not cowardly, so he will not stop or run away. Together in the newly organized office, through deduction and analysis, they determine the top of the criminal triangle, which turned out to be serving in the police. The only chance to stop them, in the opinion of the members of the organization fighting for justice, is to take their lives. In the new season, they will continue what they started in order to somehow clear the path for future generations from entrenched crime.

The main roles in the show were played by Eduard Flerov (Max "Cap" Kalinin), Roman Kurtzyn (Kostya "Sokolov" Orlov), Daria Poverennova (former military medic Lena Zhurova), and others.

The crime detective TV series "Mech" was first shown in 2009. The successful show is being filmed very slowly - there was a 6-year gap between the first and second volumes of this story. Until 2016, a total of 45 episodes of the project had been shown.

When will Season 3 of Mech be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
03x01 02 June 2020
Season 3 episode 2
02 June 2020
Season 3 episode 3
03 June 2020
Season 3 episode 4
03 June 2020
Season 3 episode 5
04 June 2020
Season 3 episode 6
04 June 2020
Season 3 episode 7
05 June 2020
Season 3 episode 8
05 June 2020
Season 3 episode 9
06 June 2020
Season 3 episode 10
06 June 2020
Season 3 episode 11
06 June 2020
Season 3 episode 12
06 June 2020
Season 3 episode 13
09 June 2020
Season 3 episode 14
09 June 2020
Season 3 episode 15
10 June 2020
Season 3 episode 16
10 June 2020
Season 3 episode 17
11 June 2020
Season 3 episode 18
11 June 2020
Season 3 episode 19
12 June 2020
Season 3 episode 20
12 June 2020

Trailer of Season 3

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