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Metod Freida Season 3 release date

In June 2015, the TV channel "Belarus-2" finished airing the second season of the detective TV series "Method Freida". The main role has been played by the unchanged Ivan Okhlobystin for two parts, known for his participation in the series "Interns" from TNT.

The final, 12th episode told the story of how operative Roman Freydin found himself at a crossroads. Many do not like how the psychologist started revealing cases and not leaving criminals a chance to escape even for money. Upon leaving the hospital, he was offered two paths - to agree to work with the bandits or to lose his life. The final scene ends the further plot uncertainly - Roman is under the optical sight of a sniper rifle... The new season will reveal the famous psychologist's choice to the audience, whether he can continue to fight corruption in the highest ranks of power in Russia.

The series "Method Freida" tells the story of psychologist Freydin, who, thanks to the experience gained from travels around the world in his youth, learned the secrets of biokinesis and psychophysics, which he uses for his own work and assistance in solving crimes. The consultant creates profiles of people who have committed crimes and predicts their future actions.

The third season of the series will air in 2019, immediately after the filming and editing of the episodes are completed. This new part of the detective story will also consist of 12 episodes. There is no exact premiere date at the moment, but we hope for the continuation of Roman Freydin's story in the autumn.

When will Season 3 of Metod Freida be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
03x01 02 September 2019
Season 3 episode 2
03 September 2019
Season 3 episode 3
06 September 2019
Season 3 episode 4
07 September 2019
Season 3 episode 5
08 September 2019
Season 3 episode 6
09 September 2019
Season 3 episode 7
10 September 2019
Season 3 episode 8
13 September 2019
Season 3 episode 9
14 September 2019
Season 3 episode 10
15 September 2019
Season 3 episode 11
16 September 2019
Season 3 episode 12
17 September 2019

Trailer of Season 3

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