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Teen Wolf Season 7

Teen Wolf Season 7 release date

"Teen Wolf" is a horror series aimed at teenagers, although it is also watched with interest by others. The series has gained great popularity and despite fierce competition from other similar projects, it has been renewed for new seasons.

Currently, the 6th season of this show is being aired, the season started on November 15, 2016. The season finale will also be the series finale, with the last episodes being shown in 2017.

Will we see "Teen Wolf" with a 7th season? On July 21, 2016, it was announced that the show will have a 6th season, but it will be the last for this project. So there is no hope for a 7th season of the series.

About the show's plot

The main character of this story is Scott McCall, who is a high school student living in a small town. Suddenly, his life changes dramatically. When he was in the forest one dark night, he is attacked by a werewolf, who turns him into one. From this moment, Scott realizes that he has become a werewolf himself. He learns to control his new powers while discovering that there are many werewolves of all kinds and breeds in the town and its surroundings. Throughout the series, Scott becomes a true Alpha, learns the truth about many long-held secrets, and loses his loved one. The 6th season will undoubtedly be an exciting continuation and a worthy conclusion to this story.

The show "Teen Wolf" has gathered a large fan group over these six years and has told a truly interesting story about werewolves and other supernatural creatures, fighting on both the side of light and darkness.

When will Season 7 of Teen Wolf be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
07x01 07 November 2017
Season 7 episode 2
14 November 2017
Season 7 episode 3
21 November 2017
Season 7 episode 4
28 November 2017
Season 7 episode 5
05 December 2017
Season 7 episode 6
26 December 2017
Season 7 episode 7
02 January 2018
Season 7 episode 8
09 January 2018
Season 7 episode 9
16 January 2018
Season 7 episode 10
23 January 2018
Season 7 episode 11
22 July 2018
Season 7 episode 12
29 July 2018
Season 7 episode 13
05 August 2018
Season 7 episode 14
12 August 2018
Season 7 episode 15
12 August 2018
Season 7 episode 16
26 August 2018
Season 7 episode 17
02 September 2018
Season 7 episode 18
09 September 2018
Season 7 episode 19
09 September 2018
Season 7 episode 20
16 September 2018

Trailer of Season 7

Video about season 7 of Волчонок tv series

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