The Witcher Season 3

The Witcher Season 3 release date

In the Twitter account of the exciting TV show "The Witcher", there was a news that there will be a third part!

Due to the current situation, it can be assumed that Season 3 will start in December 2023. The production is managed by Yaroslavl Savko.

The key character is an invincible killer of all kinds of monsters. He does not give up trying to find his own place in this cruel world.


A native of Rivia has long been accustomed to being surrounded by heartless creatures. The guy willingly destroys them for a certain reward. He is endowed with superpower, as from a young age he had to hone his skills. He was destined to become the greatest hunter and mage. At first, the man tried not to get involved in the intrigues of the kingdoms and stayed away from conspiracies. Soon, he had to find himself in the epicenter of the confrontation between Nilfgaard and the northern territories. He protects the young princess Ciri and finds love.

Season 3 Announcement

The audience is offered to immerse themselves in the events taking place in a fictional universe. Here, peaceful residents try to fight cunning monsters and royal dynasties. The reclusive Geralt was not afraid to join the battle against them.


Fans were excited to learn that the production center did not postpone the production of the continuation of the captivating story. It was announced that work would begin in the first quarter of 2022. However, it should be noted that the filming process may be delayed due to the epidemic and stricter rules.


The fantastic creation involves in-demand and quite famous artists who perfectly embody their roles.

Freyja Allan coped with the image of Ciri, who was seen in the dramas "The Third Day" and "Fierce Captain".

The role of Triss Merigold was entrusted to the talented Anna Shaffer, who was loved for her participation in the TV series "Cuckoo" and "Hollix".

Mimi Ndiweni became Fringilla, noticed in the crime thriller "Rellik".

MyAnna Buring took on the role of Tissaia, who starred in the melodrama "Dangerous Secrets".

Facts about the show:

  • Netflx representatives were informed that an animated film based on the popular universe of this series will be released in the near future. And also, the green light was given to a children's show. The media service is growing and pleasing not only adult fans, but also the younger generation.
  • Sonya Belousova made a significant contribution to creating the soundtrack. To achieve beautiful sound, about 60 musical instruments were used. Among them are cymbals and a Chinese flute.
  • The choice of some actors caused public resonance. But the creators were firm in their intentions and stood by their opinion.
  • The premiere teaser caused a mixed reaction. Within a couple of days, dissatisfied viewers managed to leave their mark on the video. They gave it tens of thousands of dislikes. They did not like the strange armor of the warriors and the inconsistency of everything happening with the chosen time period.

When will Season 3 of The Witcher be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
03x01 27 July 2023
Season 3 episode 2
27 July 2023
Season 3 episode 3
27 July 2023
Season 3 episode 4
27 July 2023
Season 3 episode 5
27 July 2023
Season 3 episode 6
27 July 2023
Season 3 episode 7
27 July 2023
Season 3 episode 8
27 July 2023

Trailer of Season 3

Video about season 3 of Ведьмак tv series

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