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Metod Season 2

Metod Season 2 release date

Viewers of the First Channel have already had the opportunity to assess the recently released series "Metod". The story has only just introduced us to the charming intern Esenei Steklova and investigator Rodion Meglin, who work together in the police on solving cases of maniacs.

The second season of the TV series "Metod" was announced by the studio "Sreda" in mid-2017. The continuation will be shown on the "Perviy" channel. The love story of a maniac working in the police has captivated viewers with its realism and insightful plot. The Russian "Dexter" is just as interesting to viewers as the original show. The creators of the series started shooting new episodes in May 2018, and the premiere was delayed and finally settled on the date of November 8, 2020.

Season 2 teaser

Metod Season 2
On the eve of the premiere, most of the plotline became clear to the viewers. The hero played by Konstantin Khabensky takes a backseat in the continuation of the crime drama. Rodion Meglin becomes a victim of his own student. Esenia suffers no less from this event - she falls in love with her mentor and receives a psychological trauma for life. Steklova has the strength to rise from her knees and move on. Together with her colleague, Yevgeny, she starts a family and continues her main work, which she learned from Rodion. She gives birth to a daughter, but after a short maternity leave, she returns to her position as an investigator. Esenia realizes that she is the only Ministry of Internal Affairs officer who can find and stop the TMNP maniac, whom she has been chasing for years. After the girl-investigator started a family, the criminal decides to take advantage of the situation and hit her where it hurts. "You Won't Catch Me" takes the investigator's daughter hostage, which undoubtedly affects her sanity and prevents her from thinking clearly in all situations. But only someone who understands the logic and pain of the perpetrator can find him in a big city...

About the main characters

Rodion Meglin (Konstantin Khabensky) Rodion Meglin (actor Konstantin Khabensky) - the main character of "Metod" from the studio "Sreda". The creators of the show admit that the series is based on absolutely real stories about maniacs and their crimes committed in the 70s and 80s, which gives the storytelling a special authenticity and does not diminish the level of severity of the crimes committed. Despite frequent comparisons to Showtime's "Dark Passenger Dexter," the creators deny any similarity. In the second season, according to Khabensky himself, he will appear as a mentor to his companion, but no longer as the main character.

Esenia Steklova (Paulina Andreeva) Esenia Steklova (actress Paulina Andreeva) - a young and promising graduate of the Law Faculty who is interning within the Investigative Committee. The legendary detective Rodion Nikolaevich Meglin becomes her mentor. It is not by chance that she falls into the hands of such a titan (who, by the way, is a loner by nature), as her father, Andrey Steklov, holds the position of Justice Colonel and was personally acquainted with Rodion in the past. The choice of such a peculiar profession is motivated by a mysterious crime from Esenia's childhood - the murder of her mother.

Interesting facts about the series:

  • the main city location of the series is Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Khabensky himself slightly modified Meglin's image - the cape, cap, and beard were his idea, he also suggested minimizing the use of makeup for key characters;
  • the series is often compared to the American project of a similar genre - the well-known "Dexter," but they are completely unrelated and do not intersect in the plotline;
  • the script for the series was created over two years, the filming of the first season took six months, and the editing of the episodes lasted more than eight months - such meticulousness led to an excellent result - the creation of an atmospheric and unusual puzzle film;
  • the continuation of the series has a new director and screenwriter;
  • five out of eight cases that Esenia will unravel in the second season are based on real events.

The director of this masterpiece is Yuriy Bykov ("The Major," "Living"). In this multi-series project with Konstantin Khabensky in the lead role, the director portrayed a lot of symbolism, dark and colorful metaphors, which allowed the series to rightfully become a worthy detective thriller.

There is less and less time left until the release of the second season of the series "Metod". On this page, we offer you to follow the news of this crime thriller. The exact premiere date was announced on Khabensky's YouTube channel and is scheduled for November 8, 2020, when the continuation, filmed in the creative studio "Sreda," will once again appear in the midnight broadcast on Perviy channel.

When will Season 2 of Metod be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
02x01 08 November 2020
02x02 08 November 2020
02x03 15 November 2020
02x04 22 November 2020
02x05 29 November 2020
02x06 06 December 2020
02x07 13 December 2020
02x08 20 December 2020
02x09 17 January 2021
02x10 24 January 2021
02x11 07 February 2021
02x12 14 February 2021
02x13 21 February 2021
02x14 28 February 2021
02x15 21 March 2021
02x16 28 March 2021

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Метод tv series

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