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Pensilvaniia Season 2 release date

The second season of the Pensilvaniia TV series is scheduled for 2017. The NTV channel and Atos company will continue their collaboration and present the next season of the drama to viewers.

In October 2016, the showing of the first 16 episodes concluded. The series captured the viewers' interest. Thanks to the excellent work of director Vladimir Vinogradov, screenwriters Svetlana Belova, Elvira Seregina, and a large film crew, the series received high praise from critics. The main roles are played by Konstantin Kryukov, Igor Vernik, Yevgeniya Dmitriyeva, Dmitry Yermak, and Alexander Domogarov.

Season 2 Preview

In the new episodes, the residents of a small village will not have to be bored again. After the previous difficult events, the heroes, who have not fully recovered, will be surrounded by an equally mysterious story. The main participants in the events will be involved in a complex and enigmatic case.

On the evening of October 3rd, the NTV channel showed four episodes at once, undoubtedly pleasing the viewers. The showing of all 16 episodes keeps the viewers' attention with its interesting plot. The story of the crime drama begins in the village of Polivanovo, to which the main hero of the film, Kozlov, is forced to come due to a tragedy. But troubles continue, and his little son goes missing. The unsuccessful search for the three-year-old boy leads to the murder of the child's nanny. After an unsuccessful attempt to find the boy on his own, the journalist asks for help from familiar operatives. Upon arrival, the team realizes that the people in the village are hiding something.

When will Season 2 of Pensilvaniia be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 2 episode 1
08 October 2018
Season 2 episode 2
08 October 2018
Season 2 episode 3
08 October 2018
Season 2 episode 4
08 October 2018
Season 2 episode 5
09 October 2018
Season 2 episode 6
09 October 2018
Season 2 episode 7
09 October 2018
Season 2 episode 8
09 October 2018
Season 2 episode 9
10 October 2018
Season 2 episode 10
10 October 2018
Season 2 episode 11
10 October 2018
Season 2 episode 12
10 October 2018
Season 2 episode 13
11 October 2018
Season 2 episode 14
11 October 2018
Season 2 episode 15
11 October 2018
Season 2 episode 16
11 October 2018

Trailer of Season 2

Video about season 2 of Пенсильвания tv series

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