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Vosmidesiatye Season 6 release date

The TV series "Vosmidesiatye" from the STS channel will finish airing its fifth season in December 2015. As usual, this sitcom season consisted of only 20 episodes. Read this article to find out if the creators of the show will continue filming and when to expect the continuation.

After the rights to the project were bought by Gazprom Media, the TV show "80s" went on an almost year-long hiatus. Even then, fans of the show were worried about the fate of their favorite comedy. It turned out that Vyacheslav Murugov only changed the filming studio, and all the actors and the show itself continue to appear on the channel without any changes.

The first five seasons covered the period of 1986-1988, the so-called "Perestroika". But we believe that the plot of the series will not stop there. If the ratings of the show don't drop, the TV channel may extend the script up until the 90s and smoothly transition the viewers' attention to their new project "90s", which will also soon start airing on STS.

What will happen in the sixth season

The relationship between Inga and Vanya continues to develop rapidly. Perhaps after their wedding, the cameras will smoothly take us into the everyday life of the Soviet people with newborn children. In addition, the end of the "Eighties" is getting closer and closer, which means that the mood of the citizens is changing.

Watch the sixth season of the TV show at the end of 2016, presumably in late October. As we receive more information about the series, we will update this page, so don't forget to visit us more often!

When will Season 6 of Vosmidesiatye be released

Ep. number Episode name Release date
Season 6 episode 1
30 May 2016
Season 6 episode 2
30 May 2016
Season 6 episode 3
31 May 2016
Season 6 episode 4
01 June 2016
Season 6 episode 5
02 June 2016
Season 6 episode 6
06 June 2016
Season 6 episode 7
07 June 2016
Season 6 episode 8
08 June 2016
Season 6 episode 9
09 June 2016
Season 6 episode 10
13 June 2016
Season 6 episode 11
14 June 2016
Season 6 episode 12
15 June 2016
Season 6 episode 13
16 June 2016

Trailer of Season 6

Video about season 6 of Восьмидесятые tv series

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